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General Questions

How many people travel on a tour?

Generally the number of guest travelling varies depending on the destination.
The average group size(guests) for world tour is between 20 to 30 and Indian tour is between 40 to 50.
We also do solo travel for individual and family tour.

Who all will travel on my tour?

Your co travellers can be any individual, right from a professional C.A or Doctor to a teacher, a teenager, an artist, a politician, businessman, people of any religion, from any region, any language or any country etc. When you return from your dream holiday, we assure you that there will be additions to your friends list.
Traveller from other countries can join you.

What if I wish to extend my stay at one of the destinations?

You can extend your stay provided you intimate us of such extension at the time of your booking. Additional charges will be applicable. No extensions/alterations can be done when the tour is in progress.

Can I just do a part of the tour?

It is not advisable to do tours partly as you wont be able to experience your dream destinations completely.

Shreeji Tours n Travels offers you a wide range of products that suit your requirements. Our travel consultants will guide you on the same .

Will there be any change in itinerary or date of tour as we need to plan our leaves and make necessary arrangements accordingly?

We do not change the itinerary nor date of the tour, however in case of force majeure events, circumstances force us to change the routing or date of the tour, as the case may be, just for your safety.

Can I make changes in my travel plan once the booking is done?

Yes, you can modify your booking or travel plan. There may be certain charges for modifications or for cancel the old booking and making new booking.The travel consultants at our offices will assist you for the same.

Due to some reasons if I cancel the tour then will I get my money back?

Cancellation of tour will attract certain cancellation charges. The travel consultant will give you the details about such cancellation at the time of booking and also mention in tour package or for more information on cancellation charges check our “Terms & Conditions

What if the tour that I book receives very less response?

Generally, we operate all the tours that we launch, however in some cases the total number of bookings fall below our prescribed minimum operating capacity, in such cases we give you options and then accommodate or merge your tour with other available tours. You may also opt for our customised packages in such cases, but the services like group games, group activities, meals, tour leader etc may or may not be provided.

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